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Joe Toscano

Yo! My name is Joe Toscano, but my last name is hard to say so you can just call me @realjoet.

I used to be an Experience Designer at R/GA on our Google team, which was embedded on campus in Mountain View. It was cool. Lots of perks. Great perks. Didn't care. That's not what I signed up for. I signed up to make a meaningful impact on the world.

I left in early 2017 because of ethical concerns within the industry and decided my time would be better spent pushing back on Big Tech companies and protecting consumers from their abusive behavior.

Since then, I've written a book called Automating Humanity. I've traveled to more than 19 different states and nations across four different continents to speak about ways to resolve technologies ethical dilemmas. And i've launched the Better Ethics and Consumer Outcomes Network (BEACON) to push back.

BEACON's purpose is to create a better future, through technology. Our for-profit initiative, BEACON Labs, works to translate tech's ethical dilemmas into solutions that improve the situation for consumers while also focusing on driving revenue. Our non-profit initiative, BEACON Institute, works to accelerate tech literacy and consumer protection initiatives.

My goal in life? Create the future. And do it ethically.

PS—I know my site could be prettier. I have bigger priorities. Want pretty things? Check out my IG or these dope Drake Valentine's Day cards I made with a remix of his lyrics and baby pictures ⚡️


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