Joe Toscano

Yo! My name is Joe. People on the Internet tend to refer to me as @realjoet.

I have experiences and education in a variety of fields, all of which synergistically improve my ability to creatively solve problems. I work to make experiences that are so useful, usable, and compelling, they can’t help but be adopted and move us forward.

I'm currently traveling the world speaking about design ethics in the era of automation and working to develop my 501(c)(3) non-profit, Design Good.

The organization's mission is three-part approach, which is to (1) help improve both data and overall technical literacy within the general population, (2) enable technologists to create products that not only respond to informed consumer demand but also create positive social impact and increase revenue, and (3) help policymakers understand what's happening in order to create regulation that not both protects consumers and national security while enabling businesses to operate successfully in this our new, global economy.

Think of it like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but better looking and for the Internet.

So far I've been invited to 19 different states and nations across four continents, including private consultations with large corps such as SAP, IBM, and R/GA, among others, and keynote presentations to audiences of global leaders. It has also led to a publishing deal with Penguin, and my book, Automating Humanity, will be available in October 2018.

My larger goal in life? Create the future. And do it ethically.


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